Huntsman Portable Safe

This safe is great for securing valuables such as: pistols, money, passports, coins, jewelry, mobile phones, keys, sunglasses, etc..This safe is perfect for locking your valuables inside your vehicle. Theft of valuables from vehicles is a very real problem. Car burglars know that many people leave items of value inside vehicles – and with cars and trucks being so easy to break into, every once in a while a car burglar is bound to find a gun. Car alarms may provide some help, but it just takes a few seconds to find a handgun and flee.

Huntsman Portable Safe

To combat this problem, gun owners who leave firearms in vehicles should strongly consider utilizing a vehicle gun safe or a portable car gun safe as a measure of security. If you need to carry your gun with you, always store it securely whether at home, at work or in your car or truck.

Hunstman Safe

For permanent security, simply mount the portable safe directly using the two pre-drilled holes in the top half of the safe. For additional security you could deploy the security cable. The braided steel security cable is locked into place by placing one end of the cable into the box. The cable is held in place by the crimped lug.


  • Exterior Measurements: 8.3″L x 6″W x 2.7″H
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Interior: ABS Scratch Resistant Hard Plastic
  • Thickness of Steel: 2mm
  • Thickness of Aluminum: 1.2mm
  •  2 – Tubular Lock Keys Supplied

Security Cable

  • Length: 3ft
  • Material: Multi-strand Braided Steel Cable
  • Coating: Plastic
Hunstman Portable Safe
Hunstman Portable Safe
Hunstman Portable Safe